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Behind the Scenes

Crafting Accurate and Culturally Nuanced Subtitles
for Local Audiences

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Video Analysis

Gaining a Comprehensive Understanding of the Content

To begin creating captions, I watch the video to gain a full understanding of its content. I pay attention to the dialogue, background music, and sound effects to understand the context and tone of the video.


Accurately Converting Dialogue into Text

After watching the video, I transcribe the dialog in a word processor. I listen carefully to the spoken words and type them accurately, paying attention to correct spelling and punctuation.

Timecodes Addition

Perfectly Syncing Subtitles with Video Timeline

Once the transcription is complete, I go back through the text and add timecodes to indicate when each caption should appear on the screen. This ensures that the subtitles appear in sync with the video timeline.


Making Subtitles Clear, Concise, and Accurate

Once the subtitles are complete, I review them to ensure that they are clear, concise, and accurately convey the intended message. I may need to make adjustments to the text to ensure it is easy to read and understand.


Enhancing the Visual Appeal of Subtitles

Next, I format the captions to make them visually appealing and easy to read. This may include adjusting the font size, color, and placement on the screen.


Ensuring Error-Free Subtitles

Once the subtitles are formatted, I proofread them to make sure there are no grammatical, spelling, or punctuation errors. I will read the subtitles several times to ensure they are error-free and convey the intended message.


German Translation:
Catering to a German-Speaking Audience

I will translate the subtitles into German for a German-speaking audience.

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